Baltimore Medical Assistant Programs

baltimoreMedical assistants work with physicians in clinics and other medical care facilities. They are well-versed in performing both administrative and medical duties in order to ensure that the facilities in which they are found are operating seamlessly. Depending on size of the facility or even the city in which a medical assistant is based, the tasks required to be performed vary. Each physician may also have duties designed to fit his office and the medical practice.

The administrative role that a Medical Assistant plays may involve answering of telephones, computer tasks, filing and retrieving patient records, hospitality tasks, dealing with insurance forms, handling the practice’s bills and correspondence and making sure that the appointments are properly managed. The medical tasks may include explaining relevant medical procedures to patients, collecting laboratory samples, performing some laboratory tests, authorizing prescriptions and assisting the physician in any way required during medical procedures.

This career has gained popularity and has continued to grow as more positions arise in both inpatient and outpatient clinics. There is an increase in the number of office practices being opened for assisting the ill. Also new technological tools mean that physicians will require assistance to keep up with the advancing world. There is also a rise of people requiring medical care, especially the senior citizens.

How to Become a Medical Assistant in Baltimore

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    There are many institutions of learning offering Medical Assistant training in Maryland that are either in Baltimore or accessible by interested students living in Baltimore. The choice of the right institution will depend on the student. There are factors to consider apart from personal preference. The quality of the program being ran in the school as well as the costs of getting through the whole MA training. The location from the area of residence might also become a factor if the student is not willing to relocate. Once the course in Medical Assistant training has been completed, one will be required to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant exam in order to be certified to practice. It is a qualification offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants for ultimate credibility.

    Salary in Baltimore

    The salary for Medical Assistants in Baltimore is among the most competitive in the country. The average salary of a medical assistant $33,444 according to while for a Certified Medical Assistant earns an average of $53,000 according to indeed. The latter is 5% higher than the average in the country.

    Baltimore Medical Assistants Yearly Wage Chart

    Job Description of Baltimore Medical Assistants

    Medical assistants in Baltimore like in the rest of the nation are responsible for both clinical and administrative tasks. They are required to assist in examination of patients in measuring of vital signs and recording their findings. They also collect blood samples and prepare the analysis in the laboratory. They are responsible for the preparation of examination rooms and to assist the physician in any treatment as required. Removing suture on treated wounds and changing dressings is also part of the role played. However, there may be more duties assigned to be accomplished.

    female medical assistant

    In the administrative role, a medical assistant is responsible for the practice’s database including the patients’ records and the office files. This may include dealing with electronic tasks on the computer as well as any physical correspondence and bills. A MA is required to be hospitable by assist patients and keeping them comfortable.


    Most medical offices or physicians require that the Medical assistants hired be certified and registered by appropriate organizations. Baltimore Medical assistant programs will prepare the prospective MAs for the necessary qualifications. The Certified Medical Assistant exam is offered by the American Association of Medical assistants. The eligible people to sit for the exam should have completed appropriate medical assisting courses programs. The completion will be verified by the program director. An exam fee is paid to the AAMA. Being a member of the association is an advantage for non-recent graduates. A ninety day testing period has been put in place for the testing.

    Employment Trends for Medical Assistants in Baltimore

    Medical Assistant Schools in Baltimore

    In Baltimore, medical Assistant programs are offered in various schools including TESST College of Technology and the Fortis Institute. There are also a wide range of accessible schools in the rest of Maryland including the Everest Institute and Cecil College.