Columbus Medical Assistant Programs

Career Description

COLUMBUS-OHIOWith the tremendous expansion in the health sector, medical careers are no longer meant for doctors and nurses only. More jobs have come under the scope of the medical profession, and those of medical assistants is one of them. These professionals are basically assistants to nurses and doctors, and usually work in clinic and hospitals. Not only are they responsible for performing various clinical tasks, they also assist the physicians or doctors in the management and administration of the health care facilities. Due to the increase in the number of people who seek medical attention in the hospitals and other health facilities, these jobs are in high demand today. If you stay in Columbus city and desire to pursue this career, the following information will help you get started.

How to become a medical assistant in Columbus

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  • AA: Medical Office Assistance
  • MA Human Services: Health & Wellness

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  • BS in Health and Wellness

To become a medical assistant, one is required to get a certification in this field. Though many professionals are working without formal education in this area, it is beneficial to have the required educational qualification. While in high school, choose subjects like biology, math, bookkeeping, computers, and health. These subjects would form a good foundation for your formal training in this field.

Once you have a high school diploma, you can opt for either a one-year certificate in medical assistant program, or enroll in an associate’s degree from an accredited school. It is only when you complete the program that you will be eligible to take certification exam, offered by the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants). This will give you more job opportunities.

Salary in Columbus

Columbus Medical Assistants Yearly Wage Chart


Nearly 60 percent of the medical assistants in Columbus work with doctors and physicians. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs will be one of the fastest growing jobs by the year 2016. The salary scale depends on training, experience and the place where one is working. For instance, those working in hospitals and office of chiropractors / optometrists / physicians are paid different salaries. The average salary for a medical assistant in Columbus is about USD 29,800 a year. An entry level professional can expect a salary of USD 22,440 annually while a more senior level assistant can expect a USD 37,870 per year. The average hourly wages for these professionals in Columbus is about USD 14.33 per hour. An entry level assistant can make USD 10.79 per hour and USD 18.21 per hour in a senior position.

Job Description of Columbus medical assistants

medical asssistantsThe job description of medical assistants includes assisting nurses and doctors in the workplace. They may perform clinical, clerical or administrative duties.

Medical assistants are expected to be in-charge of the front office that include receiving and transferring calls, arranging appointments according to the doctor’s schedule, obtaining patient’s information and medical record and performing tasks that are related to data entry.

You will be expected to keep patient’s medical records and perform basic accounting-related jobs. You will also deal with issues about the patient’s medical insurance.

The clinical aspect of medical assisting involves performing some jobs, such as checking for normal signs, drawing blood, changing dressings, working in the lab, collecting samples for testing, collecting information about the patient’s progress and reporting it to the doctor.


After undergoing the training, one may choose to get certification by sitting the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) exam, administered by the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants). To prepare for this exam, this association recommends that you should refer to many assisting publications and resources, which include knowledge on anatomy, medical terminology and some lab procedures.

Employment Trends for Medical Assistants in Columbus

List of actual Columbus medical assistant schools

Columbus State Community College offers a certificate program and an associate’s degree in medical assisting. These Columbus medical assistant programs are designed to help you perform clerical, administrative and clinical roles.

  • Eastland – Fairfield School offers a comprehensive medical assistant program that covers both clinical and administrative skills, such as taking vital signs, instrument identification, computerized billing, injections, appointment scheduling and handling health records.

This school offers an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting. This two-year program cover insurance coding, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, managed care trends, lab procedures and business communications.